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Dear friends, and Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to join us at the 10th international congress of the Jordanian society of fertility & genetics (JSFG)to be held in Amman Jordan from 24th till 26th April 2024 Since the foundation of our society in 1997 this 2 yearly conference was awaited and appreciated by doctors in Jordan and in the region, for its diverse & updated program, with international speakers from all over the world. Since the first IVF baby was born in Jordan in 1987, Jordan followed step by step new developments in the field of reproductive medicine, from conventional IVF, ICSI and cryopreservation to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. The conference takes place during the height of spring with pleasant weather and the opportunity to enjoy the historic sites and majestic seens that have attracted tourists to Jordan from all over the world .

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